Free iPad App to Assist Evangelism

The following article, “The Mobile Jesus Story And The Christian World View” by John Bushnell, is taken from a free iPad App called Jesus Evangelism.

In addition to a scripturally rich summary of God’s plan for mankind’s salvation since the world began, it also has a FAQs section and believer’s prayer.

It is intended as an evangelism aid as it summarises some of the points you may want to share with interested others.

I love to see to technology helping to spread Gods word!

The “Mobile Jesus Story” : Click the link to read the complete online.

Download the iPad App for free via iTunes

In Touch Ministries and Scriptural Promises

In Touch Ministries, by Dr. Charles Stanley of Atlanta, Georgia, United States, offer a range of Christian resources on their website at

Amongst these is a list of topics accompanied by biblical references showing what God’s word has to say on the topics, such as wisdom, peace etc.

Charles Stanley also speaks on UCB‘s DAB Christian radio station at 7pm weekdays, this week he is speaking on wisdom (a particularly favoured topic of mine).

I encourage you to listen in to UCB and to explore Charles Stanley’s site for yourself as we are told to meditate on that which is good (Philippians 4:8). After hearing his teachings, I would definitely put Charles Stanley’s teachings in this category.