Revelations explained Videos

Hi guys,

If you are interested in studying the book of Revelations, you may enjoy the videos below which go through the book of revelations in detail. It is done in such a way that it is easy to follow and also has an accompanying booklet you can view online. David C Plack presents the videos and gives lots of scripture to back up his words (just how I like it :))

Part 1: The Book of Revelation – An introductory video on the relevance of prophecies throughout the bible, especially Revelations

Part 2: Revelation’s 1-6, Through the four horseman

Part 3: Revelation 6-7, Seals 5 & 6

Part 4: Revelation 7-11, Plagues and woes

Part 5: Revelation 11-17, 2 Churches, God’s wrath and Armageddon

Part 6 Revelation 17-22, Great False church and God’s final plan

Booklet: Revelation Explained at last, David C Pack

God Bless you


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