Revelations explained Videos

Hi guys,

If you are interested in studying the book of Revelations, you may enjoy the videos below which go through the book of revelations in detail. It is done in such a way that it is easy to follow and also has an accompanying booklet you can view online. David C Plack presents the videos and gives lots of scripture to back up his words (just how I like it :))

Part 1: The Book of Revelation – An introductory video on the relevance of prophecies throughout the bible, especially Revelations

Part 2: Revelation’s 1-6, Through the four horseman

Part 3: Revelation 6-7, Seals 5 & 6

Part 4: Revelation 7-11, Plagues and woes

Part 5: Revelation 11-17, 2 Churches, God’s wrath and Armageddon

Part 6 Revelation 17-22, Great False church and God’s final plan

Booklet: Revelation Explained at last, David C Pack

God Bless you


Call to intercede for Haiti aid to reach the people

I have been increasingly grieved to see the lack of aid distribution in Haiti. It seems that the UN and USA troops that have been sent there are there in a military capacity, rather than a humanitarian one.

The UN have said that they are in charge of aid distribution, yet they hold and guard that aid and keep it from the people it was sent to help. They arrest the people trying to salvage supplies from wrecked buildings (as if anything else can be done with it) and in recent days there has been talk of them using rubber bullets, pepper spray and even shooting the earthquake survivors.

They go to a country that is struggling to survive and they use force against the survivors?

I pray that you will join with me as I pray for the Haitian people, that God have mercy on the people of Haiti and remove the barriers that are in Haiti stopping people getting the aid that has been sent to them. That people of the world’s eyes be opened to what is happening there. And that any agencies there stop hurting the people, either directly or indirectly.

I have been wracking my mind to think of what our options are if we do not agree with what the UN are doing? What are our legal options to stop them? I have not yet reached a solution, so I will call on the Lord Our God, and ask Him to step in for us, to the glory of His name.

If we were to have a natural (or other disaster) and the UN came here, would you want them doing to you what they are doing to them. The people of Haiti are trying to survive but get treated as criminals, who is to say it would be any different for us?